Our repair-service – also for injection moulds from other producers & replacement equipment

Fast reaction times and flexibility are highly crucial in cases of flawed injection moulds, that are rather required for the ongoing production. The arising outage costs can only be kept as low as possible by an excellent service.

Therefore, we have ideal conditions for professional solutions at short-notice with our team of experienced toolmakers and metalworkers as well with our available machines.

For our clients, we offer the following repair-services:

  • repair-service for on-site produced injection moulds
  • repair-service for external produced injection moulds
  • adjustments of injection moulds
  • production of replacement equipment
  • maintenance service
  • laser welding 

We require for a qualified offer and a as soon as possible repair:

  • the damaged device 
  • a precise description of the defect
  • drafts of the injection moulds (DXF, PDF, TIFF, JPG)
  • 3D-Files (STP)
  • Sample parts (last shot) incl. the sprue

Precision Made in Germany

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